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Crystal Moonlight film

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Crystal Moonlight film Summary

This angelina film is perfect for making fairy wings. It is 50x10cm. Please see the link below for how to make fairy wings.

Instructions for use:

Place two or more sheets of film between 2 sheets of paper and iron gently using a medium heat setting to heat-fuse the film into a delicate shimmering sheet. Too little heat and it will not fuse, too much can affect the colour. If fusing 3 or more layers, turn it over and iron both sides. The film also bonds to the fibres. You can trap other items such as flakes, small bit of paper, glitter etc between the layers for a different effect. You can also scrunch up the film before fusing to give texture or use a heat gun on the fused layers to distort the surface.

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5 product stars
Was wondering - Linda - 30/10/2015
I was wondering if this stuff would be good for fairies that go out side in the rain or hot sun. I make garden fairies that go outside in your flowers