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The types of doll hair sold here at My Little ^_^


Nylon hair feels a little finer than saran. It has a lovely soft and silky texture. It looks beautiful, it feels beautiful and is the easiest to style out of all the different types of hair.


The Nylon hanks we stock are "MLP Hanks" which are 38 inches long and come in one long format.


Until Nylon came along, Saran was the best hair you could buy. It is still heavily favoured by people wanting hair which will lie nicely against the head. It has a slightly greasy / waxy feel and is weighted more heavily.


My Little Customs currently carries 2 different formats in the Saran; Standard Format and XL Format - both come in a looped format which requires cutting before use.


The shiny Polypropylene colours look and feel very similar to Nylon, however it is not an *exact* match in texture. The matte colours feel a little like a cross between Saran and Nylon.


Like the Nylon, Polypropylene comes in a 38 inch long format - the same size as the Nylon hanks.
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