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Starter Kit Summary

This is a starter kit to give you the tools to get started with rerooting. The kit includes:

Long Doll Needles
Reroot Tool
10 Spare Reroot Tool Needles
2 Hanks of Hair
4 Cable Ties
Hank of Tinsel
2 Tubes of Micro Beads
Pack of Merino Wool
G3 or G1 prepped bait pony (colour and pose may vary)

You save £5 by purchasing this kit compared to buying it separately.

When you select this please add in the note section what colour hair you would like and as long as it is in stock we shall send the hank out. If you want Glow in the Dark or UV we will send you a Paypal request for an extra 50p.

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Customer Reviews
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5 product stars
starter kit - dee - 15/04/2018
My 10 year old daughter is loving this kit! The hair pliers are tricky and hard to use at first so I had to help her (she is re-hairing a monster high doll so lots of hair to remove!) Kit arrived with more than enough colours! Very happy little girl!

3 product stars
Very upset child - Debbie Lisle - 31/01/2018
Ordered this for my 7 year old daughter as she has been watching custom ponies being made on YouTube, she's worked really hard designing and painting her pony just got to theast step of plugging the hair in (to which I am helping her) and the rooting tool given doesn't work the needle just pushes back into the wood, my daughter is devastated because she's worked so hard on it and now she can't even give the pony hair

5 product stars
Great Starter Kit - Gemma - 12/01/2018
This is a great kit, because you get a bait G1 or G3 Pony (choosed G1 as I like that generation). I made the Peachy (collects pose), into Ladybird who you couldn't get here in the U.K.

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